Patch Blog: Halloween Candy Management

Ways to manage your Halloween candy so that it will last.

Do you end up with a bunch of Halloween candy every year? Does your child like to hide the candy in their room so that only they have access to it? Would you like to reduce the chances of having to go to the doctor because of a major stomach ache from all the Halloween candy that was consumed? If you answered yes to all of these questions, I have some creative ideas that can help make the candy last.

1. The first idea is split the candy up into little snack size bags (3 or 4 per bag). You can use a sharpie marker to mark the date. You can skip dates so that your child isn't eating candy every day. You can either mark the bag or create a Halloween themed word document with the date and a place to mark off that they have received their candy for that specific day. You can also use little small snack size paper bags if you wish as well.

2. The Candy Calendar: Okay. This one may take a little more work, but I have used this method before with friends kids, and it is a wonderful thing. Get a piece of poster board and draw a calendar. (It certainly doesn't need to be perfect). Then tape on each of the days a piece of candy (Again, you can skip days if you do not want your child eating candy every single day).

3. Halloween candy can also be used as Christmas Gifts for teachers, neighbors, etc. (Well that's if there isn't Halloween characters on the wrapping). But if there isn't, then you can package these sweet treats (if you have a lot) in tins or in gift bags and give them out as gifts for Christmas. This is almost guaranteed to get rid of the candy before the new year. Or maybe a little after.

4. Last idea I have is if you have a TON of candy left over from Halloween. I am sure that wherever you work, there is at least one person that loves candy. I know where I used to work, I was getting candy at least three times a month. (Dollar Store loved me). If you have a lot of candy that you do not want to leave in the house and get rid of quickly, take it to where you work. I am sure that it will be gone within a week or two, or really depending on what kind you take in.

There are many ways to manage that pesky Halloween candy. When I was a kid, I was limited to one piece per week, two if I had behaved at school and got good grades. Now let's admit it, we all get a chocolate fit every now and then. Or if you don't eat chocolate, there must be another type of candy that strikes your fancy and calls your name. In fact right now, my Hershey's Special Dark Chocolate Bar I bought last night at Kroger is calling my name right now.  

"Angela ... come to me ... I am waitinggggggggg."

Ugh. I guess I better answer that. Thanks for reading and if you have a way that you manage Halloween candy, please post a reply!  

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Kristen Thompson November 17, 2011 at 06:55 PM
I tried something new this year in that I separated the chocolate from the sugar stuff, pulled out all the candy I thought was gross or that I didn't want them to have (think pixie sticks) and put it up on top of the fridge. The chocolate now doesn't absorb the weird flavors of the sugary stuff and the kids seem to leave it alone...which means more for the grown ups, right? (Angela, I don't care for the dark chocolate, so I should send it your way!!)
Angela LaMotte December 21, 2011 at 08:17 PM
I for some reason just now got this Kristen! I asked for e-mails for updates and it didn't come in. Of course you can send the dark chocolate my way! :D


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