House Hunt: Homes for $50K and Under

Each Thursday we feature the latest homes on the market in Acworth, Kennesaw and Cartersville.

There is an upside to the seriously deflated real estate market we are in nationwide. Simply put, it is a buyer's market. It may take two to three years, but home prices will eventually rise again. For first time buyers, now is the time to buy “up”; you’ll be able to buy a much nicer house for your money than a few years ago. Real estate investors are sitting on a gold mine if they have the patience to wait out the slump. Many homes for sale today cost no more than a new automobile. With that thought in mind, House Hunt decided to look at homes that cost about the same as a souped-up 2012 four door pick-up truck or a nice SUV—at approximately $50,000 and under.

This week’s House Hunt featured homes range in price from $40,800 for a three-acre, four-bedroom property on Cedar Creek Road in Cartersville to a three-bedroom home on Remington Lane in Acworth for $50,000.

Click through the image gallery to preview the featured homes. Descriptions, prices and need-to-know information are listed with each photograph.


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