Classic Car Cruise Takes Over Acworth Main Street

Restored classic cars as well as newer model cars provide an afternoon attraction.

We Americans have had a love for and a fascination with automobiles since the car was invented-always thinking, "How much faster can I make it go?" or "How much better can I make it look?" or just "How can I make my car look unique?".

At no time are those thoughts more evident than at a car show, where modifications for speed, looks, and individuality set cars apart from the "ordinary".

Enthusiastic car owners brought their classic cars as well as some newer model cars, to downtown Acworth Saturday for the and parked them on a closed Main Street for all the world to see. Main Street was effectively to allow people to stroll around and admire the American automobile.

The occurs on the 5th Saturday of each month that has a 5th Saturday, which means the next scheduled Classic Car Cruise will be held on Oct. 29. The event is a partnership between the Lake City Cruisers, the , and the downtown Acworth merchants and is free to the public.

The best car story of the day belongs to Steve Brown, who brought his 1958 Corvette for viewing (see photo gallery). Steve's dad bought a 1958 Corvette in 1970 in Florida and had it heavily modified for drag racing, but the expense of racing got to be too much and the family sold the car in 1973-Steve was 17 years old.

Fast forward 19 years.

Steve buys a 1958 Corvette in Florida and in the process of restoring it discovers modifications similar to the ones that were made on his dads Corvette. Steve's curiosity was piqued and a title search revealed that Steve had just purchased his dads drag-racing Corvette and that his dad was listed as a previous owner. The 1958 Corvette is now considered a family heirloom and Steve vows that he will never lose it again.

Be sure to check out the extensive photo gallery.

mike crossan August 06, 2011 at 07:20 PM
How can I get a copy of this paper
Angela Chao (Editor) August 07, 2011 at 11:19 PM
Hi Mike, Patch is an online only publication. You can sign up for the daily newsletter if you'd like to have all the headlines sent to your inbox. Move the mouse onto the "Follow this Patch" button on the top right hand corner, and the newsletter option will show up.


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