'Paranormal Activity 3' Scares Up the Past

This popular movie franchise is about to make you jump in your seat again.


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If you like scary movies, Paranormal Activity 3 could be just the movie for you.

This old-fashioned ghost movie prequel takes the story line back to the beginning of the franchise and focuses on the two sisters seen as adults in the previous films.

The girls share a two-level home with their mother and her boyfriend. The girls are aware of a ghostly presence in the house; the adults, at first, are not.

The boyfriend has video cameras set up all over the house—running all the time, day and night.

The suspense builds as we watch the surveillance-type video, waiting for a ghost to appear. Nothing happens for long stretches, but the payoff is always a nice series of clunky videotape spills, chills and thrills.

Most people can relate to the “things that go bump in the night” activity experienced by these characters and understand that the monster you fear is often worse than the monster you see.

The sudden shock and odd musical chords add to the fright, but the long, silent wait for something to happen drags the film down to a score of three out of five on the flick-o-meter.


Ready to see Paranormal Activity 3? Showtimes and pricing can be found on the website.


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