Stick to Marietta Square for Local Music

With gas prices up, park near the Square and simply let your feet do the walking for some free music.

With the metropolis of Atlanta to the south and numerous renowned musical venues peppered across the metro area, Marietta's music scene is often lost amid the din. But as any Marietta music lover knows, the local scene here remains vibrant and essential. Marietta Patch is here to help you navigate it.

1. Consider as a first stop for music over the next week. Talented folk/indie/rockabilly musician Dustin Barclay hosts the open mic on Mondays at The Crack. This weekend, the Jimmy Buffettesque and sarcastic stylings of the Home Fries will be filling Johnnie McCracken's. Bring your party hat and dancing feet.

2. The has Bob Geresti sitting at the keys at noon this Thursday. Geresti provides a diverse mix of music, as he can play anything from gospel, classics, classical, love songs and Broadway favorites to make your lunch break more than enjoyable.

3. Also on the Square this weekend, will be rocking with the sounds of The Block Party Band on Friday and Saturday. This is a group of local guys who have been playing locally for lots of years. Chris Wold of 7 Sharp Nine winds the weekend down and brings acoustic stylings on Sunday.

4. For this week's Brew with a View at,  Brothers of the Ridge will take to the roof for your musical and sunset pleasures.

5. Ok.. so here's one musical suggestion that's a couple of miles up the road from the Square. The Place Bar & Grill – Marietta always seems to have a great Live DJ Dance Party available on the weekend. Visit their Web site for the latest one.


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