'Car Talk' Putting on Brakes

After 25 years, the chatty pair of mechanic brothers from Boston are calling it quits.

Sad news out of Boston, MA: Tom and Ray Magliozzi, better known as the Saturday morning radio mechanics on NPR's "Car Talk," are calling it quits, the Associated Press reports.

For 25 years, the two brothers with a thick Boston accent have been blending their trademark wisecracking with helping motorists here and around America understand how things work under the hood. 

Starting this fall, Ray and Tom Magliozzi will head back to their own garage for good when "Car Talk" goes off the air. 

The most popular program on NPR (heard in Atlanta on WABE, 90.1 FM from 10-11 a.m. Saturdays) is nearing the end of its run. 

The Magliozzi brothers, who refer to themselves as "Click and Clack", announced Thursday they will step away from "Car Talk" in September, saying that it's time to "stop and smell the cappucino."

As usual, they made fun of each other, with Ray declaring that "My brother has always been work averse. Now apparently even the one hour a week is killing him."

Replied Tom: "It's brutal!"

Their self-deprecating humor that appealed to more than car enthusiasts explained their wide audience, and an unlikely radio success story. 

The attached video is a recording of a "Car Talk" interview with Alex Bernstein, the son of Leonard Bernstein, about double-clutching synchromesh trannies. 

Only two individuals could make that subject sound even the least bit entertaining. 

"Car Talk" reruns will continue airing. According to the program's Twitter feed: 

“Thanks to all for the nice comments, but this isn't a wake! We won't be taping new shows, but we will still be polluting the airwaves!”


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