What Is the Biggest Issue for You in the 2012 Presidential Election?

Now that we are in the final stretch with two clear choices, what will be key in deciding how you cast your ballot in November?

We now know exactly what our choices are in November. On one hand, we have incumbent President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden. Challenging them, we have the Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan ticket as potential presidential and vice presidential alternatives.

Until Election Day in November, we are going to be bombarded with information—some true, many slightly skewed and some outright lies. That's always been the case. But the one thing that can't be argued, is it is two clearly different choices. While many of the issues are going to be debated in a public forum, a vote is a very personal matter. It usually comes down to how things impact the voter directly and not necessarily a big issue that might get a lot of discussion.

So what issue is likely to have an influence on your vote in November? As a provider for your family, will it be the economy? As a person without employment or insecure about a job, will that be the biggest issue? As a business owner, are you looking for some help going forward? As an elderly person, will it be concerns about security in your twilight years or as a parent, is it the future of your children that you are most concerned about? These and several other issues will be hotly debated between now and Nov. 6.

Our question is, what is the biggest issue that will influence your vote in November? Tell us in comments.

km September 10, 2012 at 12:03 PM
For me, the real choice revolves around who cares most about the most people. I do not want a president who is interested in only helping a small group of people. There must always be compromises in politics since no two people agree on everything, so I can't say either presidential nominee is going to do all that I want, but I feel at least Obama wants to help the uninsured, gays, seniors, and the economy. I can't say I agree with the bailout that happened and still believe Romney's approach may have been better back then, but that time has passed, and Romney's math doesn't work for me when it comes to his tax plan. If there were a perfect candidate we would not have to vote because everyone would agree from the start, but I think this time, the choice has been clearer than it has been in a while.
SF September 10, 2012 at 02:30 PM
The biggest issue for me is trust. Can I trust you to represent all of the people in your develop of national policies. When you refuse to answer simple questions about how you will accomplish campaign promises, I can only conclude that you don't have an answer. When you lie or misrepresent the truth in campaign ads, I can chalk that up to "politics." But when your economic plan doesn't add up, and your first concern is to repeal legislation so you can replace it with a plan you crafted, how does that serve the people. Sounds like one candidate is only trying to make a name for himself and not really thinking about "all" of the people.


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