Blame It on the Aliens: Man Says Extraterrestrial Beings Transported Him From Scene of Car Wreck

Here's what police officers around Northeast Georgia were up against recently.

A man was charged with DUI and leaving an accident after he struck a fixed object and left his female passenger bleeding on the pavement. Walton County Sheriff’s deputies . The passenger was taken to the hospital. Deputies later found the suspect, who was reportedly prowling on somebody’s front porch. Why was he there? He said aliens brought him there.

In other odd police news:

Take the beer, not my noodles: A man was caught outside a Stone Mountain-area Walmart after trying to shoplift some beer and a 12-count pack of ramen noodles. When a Gwinnett County police officer saw the items in the man’s locked vehicle in the parking lot, he gave the officer his keys and said, "Go ahead and give the beer back then." What about the noodles?

That’s a lot of chicken wings: Two men were arrested recently for trying to . They intended to load 10 pallets worth of chicken into a rental truck. Did they have a big Super Bowl party planned?

No Thanksgiving invitation for her: An Oconee County woman faces burglary charges for apparently stealing items from family members and later cashing them in at a pawn shop. Relatives told sheriff’s deputies they began to notice items missing from their homes after her visits.

Hand fishing: An Oconee County teen was caught at a local Walmart stocking up for a fishing trip. He had $51 worth of tackle and fishing lures in his jacket.

What’s the opposite of an olive branch? An Athens woman, upset that a man wouldn’t give her money to buy crack, struck him in the head with a jar of olives.

Of course, it’s you: Police responded to a 911 call at Little Mulberry Park about a man sitting in his car and having a seizure. It ended up being a criminal case after police found methamphetamine and the paraphernalia used to smoke it. When officers approached the vehicle, the man threw his hands up and said, “It’s not me man!”

Scary message: A Lilburn woman called police to report someone had scrawled the word “kill” into the cement in her carport. It apparently had been there a while.


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