Strange Chainsaw Incident, Stolen Clothes and Other Odd Tales

More of what police officers around Northeast Georgia were up against recently.

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Is that a chainsaw bar in your pocket? A man tried to steal a 24-inch chainsaw bar from an Oconee County Lowe's the only way he could, we suppose.He stuffed it down his pants and tried walking out the door.

That’s a lot of shirts: Stuffing some of the items on her person, a Lawrenceville woman was arrested for trying to shoplift 44 shirts from the juniors department at a Kohl's store in Snellville. The total cost of the stolen goods was valued up to $538.

These would look great in a rec room: Two bar-top gaming at a Lilburn pub. The suspect entered the bar in the early morning hours and also stole an undisclosed amount of cash from the register. 

The missing video: While investigating the theft of nearly $3,000 from a Hamilton Mill-area Goodwill store, police noticed that the video surveillance recorder was turned off for around two hours. According to the police report, one tape showed an employee counting money and placing it in the safe. Another tape showed the employee sitting at the computer that controls the cameras. The report also noted, “In the footage after the camera was turned back on, it shows [the employee] only leaving the office.” Interesting. 

Once wasn’t enough: A woman accused of trying to steal around $100 worth of clothing from an Walmart in Athens struck another woman twice with the getaway car in the parking lot. She first backed up and hit the woman, then later turned into her, striking her in the knee and knocking her to the pavement (the woman’s OK, by the way). The suspect didn’t get away. She landed in jail instead.

They’re not the ‘fuzz’ anymore: When a deputy with the Barrow County Sheriff’s Office was responding to a complaint of loud music, an 18-year-old warned others, “Yo’ twelve, y’all twelve,” according to the incident report. The number is apparently synonymous with police nowadays (some of us remember when the police were called the “fuzz”). The teen, who reportedly had been drinking, was charged with obstruction of a law enforcement officer and underage drinking.


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