Teen Held in Truck After Knife Assault

An Acworth man was arrested in connection with a kidnapping that began in Macon and ended in Cartersville.

The 15-year-old girl allegedly had texted her grandmother that her captor "was holding her and refused to let her out of the vehicle," according to a incident report.

Local deputies, working with Georgia Bureau of Investigation officials, arrested Jerry Maverick George, 19, of Acworth, after learning he has family in the area of the at which he and the girl were found. Authorities also had surveilled George's New Hope Church Road home.

He allegedly took the girl from a Macon home about 8:15 last night, according to information released in the Levi's Call, Georgia's Amber Alert for an abducted child. About 11:45 p.m., an officer spotted George's 2011 GMC Sierra at the Cartersville store's gas pumps. He was standing outside the truck.

The report completed by the deputy who ordered George to the ground at gunpoint, and arrested him on felony charges to be filed by Monroe authorities, said the girl was found unharmed in the passenger's seat.

She and George did not know each other and a knife was involved in the incident, which local authorities categorized as an "aggravated assault."

The girl's parents, who have a Hendersonville, TN, address, met authorities at the Highway 20 gas station and took her back to Monroe County to be interviewed by police.

George was to be charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment and interference with child custody. Authorities towed his truck as evidence.


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