Woman 'Tased' Trying To Swallow Half a Pill at Walmart

The Acworth resident was charged with felony obstruction of police.

Beth Ann Boynton, 35. Credit: Bartow County Sheriff's Office
Beth Ann Boynton, 35. Credit: Bartow County Sheriff's Office
An Acworth woman accused of shoplifting allegedly fought with police and security officers as she tried to swallow what she later said was half a pill, which resulted in her being "tased."

A deputy was called to the Cartersville Walmart about 7:30 p.m. Sunday in reference to two accused shoplifters, who were escorted to the back of the store, according to the Bartow County Sheriff's Office report, above.

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Authorities say Beth Ann Boynton, 35, of Kings Camp Road, attempted to conceal a small, clear plastic bag in her pocket after she was asked to place her belongings on a counter.

"At this time I grabbed a hold of (Boynton's) left arm and began to retrieve the item from her pocket," the deputy wrote in the report. "As I began to reach into her pocket, Beth used her right hand and grabbed the bag from her pocket and placed it into her mouth in a very fast motion in an attempt to swallow the item. At this time I grabbed ahold of Beth's cheeks in an attempt to keep her from swallowing an unknown amount of possible narcotics. 

"As I grabbed (Boynton) she then fell to the ground as I followed still holding onto her cheeks. At this time (three loss prevention workers) began to assist me with restraining (Boynton) as she then began to fight with me."

The deputy then pulled out his Taser, which malfunctioned twice, as Boynton allegedly refused to comply with the officer by lying down on her stomach.

She was finally "tased" and handcuffed, but the deputy was unable to retrieve the item she had placed in her mouth. 

Boynton "sustained minor scratches on her face and was complaining of head pain and her wrist were hurting," and was taken to Cartersville Medical Center for treatment "and to have medical staff check her out due to the unknown amount of narcotics she had swallowed, which she advised me it was just a piece of gum," the deputy reported. 

She later said the item she swallowed was half a Xanax pill.

The three loss prevention officers were hit during the alleged struggle with Boynton, but did not require medical attention.

Boynton was arrested and charged with felony obstruction of police, shoplifting and three counts of simple battery. Authorities say a search of Boynton's purse turned up a blank, but signed check she said belonged to her uncle.

She was unable to produce a phone number for the uncle, according to the deputy. 


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