All-America City in Review

Mayor Allegood updates Acworth citizens on progress made since last year.

Mayor Tommy Allegood took a look back on what made 2010 such , the , at Wednesday's meeting.

Various government officials, law enforcement officers and the public turned out despite the gloomy weather to see what progress had been made in the city. Before the meeting began officially, citizens were wandering throughout Conference Room One, looking at posters that were set up throughout the meeting room displaying the new SPLOST projects and their proposed budgets.

Allegood began his presentation by reminiscing on how Acworth was chosen to become the newest All-America City at a meeting in Kansas City last June. Out of 28,000 cities, Acworth was chosen unanimously by the judges.

“We are the most giving community in all of America,” Allegood said. He specifically mentioned three projects that put Acworth ahead of its competition:

  1. Horizon Field:A sports complex designed for special needs youth.

  2. Expanding Horizons: Field trips for underprivileged youths.

  3. Acworth Achievers: A middle school mentoring program.

The presentation continued with an introduction to all the various city, county and state politicians that serve Acworth. In addition, the presentation highlighted local clergy, business owners and regular citizens who have done their part to make Acworth the thriving community it is today.

The presentation touched on Tinseltown, too: Acworth was home to the shooting of the remake of “Footloose;” the NGC cinema in town will be hosting a premiere event for the film in October.

Business is booming in Acworth; last year, 50 new businesses came to the city, including many new physicians. The Main Street Family Physicians were encouraged to relocate to Acworth from Kennesaw through a $3,500 tax break per job created. So far, the office has hired 50 people and has a daily patronage of 150 patients, some of whom inevitably shop on Main Street.

Allegood presented the completed SPLOST I projects, including Main Street traffic relief, safer intersections, including at and , and 40 new parking places along Senator Russell Ave. The plan is to create a second Main Street along the avenue, bringing more business to the city.

SPLOST II, which was recently s, includes funds for a new police station, silent crossings that will allow trains to go through town without sounding their horns, and new developments that will replace the Moon and Carruth streets public housing facilities.

The city's schools and artistic community also flowered in 2010. The Acworth Warriors football teams won 10 super bowl championships and had one team go the entire season without being scored upon. has partnered with the North Cobb Arts League to create an artistic haven for local painters, weavers and sculptors.

Most importantly, all this prosperity has brought jobs to the city. There has been a 12 percent increase in jobs since 2009, with more growth expected in the coming months.

All of this growth and these accolades would not have been possible without the support and participation of the Acworth community at large. Allegood appreciated and thanked the assembled citizens for their hard work.

“If we're the All-America City, you're All-America citizens,” he said.


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