Cobb Board of Commissioners Will Be Predominantly Female

Now that the Cobb Board of Commissioners is predominantly female, will the way the county is run change?

In addition to running most U.S. households, making the majority of car purchasing decisions, shuffling the kids to and from various activities, cooking most meals at home and even laying out clothes for their husbands, women are gaining numbers as elected officials across the country, including in Cobb.

After community advocate Lisa Cupid captured 76 percent of the vote in Tuesday's run-off, she became the lone contender for South Cobb's District 4 commissioner seat.

Because of this, she will likely win the November election, which will mean that she will join Commissioners Helen Goreham and JoAnn Birrell, creating the first majority female Board of Commissioners in the history of the county. Cobb Commission Chairman Tim Lee, who narrowly won a run-off last week against former Chairman Bill Byrne, and District 2 Commissioner Bob Ott will be the only male members of the Cobb Board of Commissioners.

A young girl around 10 years old at Cupid's election results gathering on election night told Patch that she learned from this election that "You only vote for girls! Girls run the world."

Would a little girl be likely to say something like this 20 or 30 years ago?

Once he began to understand that his mother was running for election, Cupid's own son, Nehemiah, asked her, "Mommy, can boys be commissioners?"

Cupid said that she assured him that they could, and admitted that she was surprised that a new generation are being raised to believe without question that women are qualified for positions as elected officials.

In the comments of the Marietta Daily Journal, someone wrote, "I hate to sound like a chauvinist, but with three women on the commission we may be in for a few years of entertaining governance. We all know, whether we want to admit it or not, that women are smarter than men. Good luck to Tim Lee and Bob Ott."

Other women gained victories in the Aug. 21 run-off and the July 31 primary election as well: Rebecca Keaton grasped the Cobb County Superior Court Clerk seat, incumbent Sen. Horacena Tate will again serve District 38; both House Reps. Stacey Evans and Alisha Morgan were unopposed in their races; Marsha Lake earned 61 percent of the vote to gain the position as a state court judge.

Will the county change at all with a predominantly female Board of Commissioners? How? Are women smarter than men? (Come on, men, you can admit it if you want.) Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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