Day's Chevrolet Redevelopment to Begin in January

A senior assisted living community will take its place.

It's a question that Acworth Mayor Tommy Allegood said the city gets a lot.

When will the old Day's Chevrolet Property on South Main Street be redeveloped?

"Everybody always wants to know about that," he told a crowd at Thursday's town hall meeting at City Hall.

Allegood has an answer.

"We talked to the developer," he said. "He called to tell us to go ahead and release that in January, they are actually going to begin construction."

In 2006, when the Board of Aldermen approved the city's 2006-2026 comprehensive plan, the property was described as one of two sections on Main Street "requiring special attention.

"These two sections are located along the north-south gateways and should serve as notice to travelers that they are entering historic Acworth," the city wrote in the August 2006 report.

The property will become home to a senior assisted living community. The plans are currently under review, Allegood said.

"I know everybody is excited about that," he said. "So am I."


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