Elementary, High School Leaders Honored

Mayor and Board of Aldermen recognize the efforts of young people at McCall Primary and North Cobb and Allatoona high schools.

The leadership of the took some time to recognize two groups of young leaders in the community before Thursday evening's meeting of the Mayor and Board of Aldermen.

Missy Bradley-Johnson, counselor at , had a little bit of help from Mayor Tommy Allegood in presenting medallions and certificates to the McCall Ambassadors, first grade student leaders who welcomed fellow students, parents and community leaders to McCall.

Two students from each of the thirteen first grade classes were selected to be ambassadors for their leadership qualities, good behavior, and as role models the other students look up to. These ambassadors served as a “welcoming committee” for important events at school.

“These young people have been the face for McCall,” said Bradley-Johnson. Thomas Farrell, McCall's principal, thanked the parents of the Ambassadors and praised the hard work of Bradley-Johnson, who has been in charge of the program for five years.

The McCall Ambassadors are:

  • From Ms. Simon's class: Garrett Kuffel and Demi Taylor

  • From Ms. Paige's class: Faith Leslie and Bryan Calte

  • From Ms. Wallace's class: Sydney Brown and Efrain Haro

  • From Ms. Marsili's class: Caleb King and Eileen Kuria

  • From Ms. Dill's class: Jaxson Barria and Lauren Doomes

  • From Ms. Stanley's class: Abigail McCoy and Michael Bakare

  • From Ms. Baker's class: Taati Mutuma and Emily Revis

  • From Ms. Vazquez's class: Annabelle Lutes and Cooper Johnston

  • From Ms. Harrison's class: Frank Serota and Mia Clark

  • From Ms. Dunn's class: Ivy Gachie and Phoenix McClain

  • From Ms. Hardin's class: Fatima Imneina and Kishan Patel

  • From Ms. Wehr's class: Samantha Cebelenski and Ian Cochran

  • From Ms. Powers' class: Asia Leslie and Logan Saunders

Alderman Bob Weatherford then took the floor to recognize the efforts of the Acworth Young Aldermen, local high school students who are interested in the workings of government. The group, consisting of students from and , have meetings similar to those held by the city council and must adhere to all Georgia open meetings laws. This year, the group took a trip to Atlanta to see the workings of state government in person.

Every year, the group must complete a service project to fulfill its charter. This year, the Young Aldermen decided to raise awareness about the consequences of unsafe driving. This issue is particularly resonant with teenagers; on average, eight teenagers a day die from unsafe driving incidents.

Students at Allatoona and North Cobb were allowed to dress up for a week to encourage safe driving. For example, Monday was “My Belt Monday;” students were allowed to wear wacky belts to remind them to wear their seatbelts. The initiative was a success, with contests and silly clothing getting home the message of safe driving among high school students.

Weatherford, who has been the liaison between the group and the government for five years, joked that he “didn't understand” the points of view offered by the younger generation, but applauded them on their commitment to public service. He expressed pride in the success of their large undertaking. He also commended the hard work of the schools' principals and guidance counselors, who made their hard work possible.

Allegood also praised the schools' administration, saying that, “they are the driving force behind all this.”

After the presentations, the board unanimously passed the consent agenda. Some items of interest on the passed agenda include:

  • Paul Billinglsey, of Primetime Productions, will be using on September 10 for a Tribute Car and Truck Show for 9/11 survivors and responders.

  • The City will purchase a Chevrolet Tahoe from of Dallas and modify it to become a K-9 patrol vehicle for a cost not to exceed $47,367.

  • The City will purchase two Chevrolet Tahoes from Hardy Fleet Group of Dallas and modify them to become patrols vehicle for a cost not to exceed $44,621 each.

  • The city will use eminent domain to acquire property owned by Christopher and Dianne Dunn. The city attorney is authorized to use any and all measures to acquire the property by means of eminent domain.

  • As the northern portion of Carruth Street will be abandoned to allow redevelopment of the Carruth Street Marietta Housing facilities.

  • To continue the School Street project, the rights of way and easements of the following properties will be acquired using SPLOST funds:

    • 4388 Northside Dr., for $2,300

    • 4400 Northside Dr., for $2,400

    • 301 Bell St., for $3,700

    • 4624 Bell St., for $100

    • 4726 School St., for $1,900

    • 4400 Cherokee St., for $15,851

The board also heard a statement from Brad Riffle, a civil engineer who is putting forward a conceptual site plan for a 8,832 sq. ft. dialysis medical center at 3372 Acworth Summit Blvd. The brick and stucco facade was approved by Christine Dobbs, the Community Development Director of the City of Acworth, as it conformed to the surrounding architecture. The board approved the conceptual plan unanimously. There are plans to eventually expand the center, which will be operated by Fresenius Medical Care, into a full-scale medical center.

The agenda in its entirety can be found here.


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