Fundraising Cops, Girl Scouts Recognized

The Mayor and Board of Aldermen recognized the police for their awards from the Tommy Nobis Center and honored the Scouts for bringing attention to school nurses.

The was honored by the Mayor and Board of Aldermen for two awards recently given to the department by the Tommy Nobis Center recognizing their work on the .

Acworth police officers, community leaders and ordinary citizens volunteer to walk the four bases at Horizon Field for a period of 24 hours every year to raise funds for the special-needs sports complex. The next iteration of the event will be held between Sept. 14 and 15.

“We expected to win the Luminary Award,” said police Cpt. Tony Bailey. “They really surprised us by honoring us with the Governor's Award.”

The award, signed by Gov. Nathan Deal himself, is the pinnacle of achievement for any group recognized by the Nobis Center and recognizes a higher devotion to community service.

The Mayor and Aldermen also recognized two local Girl Scouts, who as part of their silver project, brought six boxes of supplies to a local school nurse and worked towards the creation of Nurse Appreciation Week.

Troop 2609 cadets Mary McQuade and Madison Henry, who both are sixth-graders, felt that the often overlooked job of school nurses was far too important to ignore any longer. Along with their six boxes of supplies, they provided Nurse Susan Gantt with $50 to use as she saw fit in her clinic.

“It was really fun, and we wanted to keep the spotlight on the nurses,” said Henry. “Most people don't recognize the importance of nurses, and we wanted to change that.”

McQuade and Henry presented Allegood with a box of Thin Mints and made him an honorary Girl Scout. The Thin Mints were passed amongst the aldermen, and it is not known whether or not the mayor got any.

In another presentation, Mayor Tommy Allegood and Alderman Tim Houston recognized May 3 as the National Day of Prayer for 2012. The men spoke briefly about the day's prayer session outside of City Hall, and stressed that the country we live in today would not have existed without the power of prayer.

“It was our twelfth year of celebrating the National Day of Prayer,” Allegood said. “It was just a really, really great day for us.”

Downtown Development Authority, Historic Preservation Commission and Tourism Director Amanda Sutter was surprised by a presentation given to her honoring her earning of the coveted Travel Marketing Professional Certification from the Southeastern Tourism Society Marketing College, one of only 78 people to earn the certification this year.

The Mayor and Aldermen unanimously passed the agenda for tonight's meeting. The following items of note were on the agenda:

  • Candice Hardin's permit to keep her pygmy goat has been extended another year.
  • PTS Sports will hold open water swims at every Saturday between May 12 and Sept. 1.
  • The city will purchase a new police vehicle and properly outfit it for a price not to exceed $45,524.48
  • The Willis Street parking improvements have been modified to allow for better drainage at the proposed island at the . This amendment will cost $6,500. Additionally, the city will write a check to Thomas E. Tucker, Jr., in the amount of $2,500 for settlement of permanent slope maintenance and encroachment easements.

The remainder of the agenda may be found here.


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