How Cobb, Georgia Voted in 2012 Presidential Election

The numbers for Republicans and Democrats compared to 2008 stayed fairly consistent.

Cobb County and Georgia overall stayed fairly consistent in party voting between the presidential elections of 2008 and 2012.

Below is a breakdown of how you and your fellow Georgians voted Tuesday to give the Republican presidential candidate, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, the Peach State’s 16 electoral votes in his loss to incumbent Democrat Barack Obama. 

Georgia 2012 (from the Huffington Post)
Mitt Romney—2,070,221 (53.4%)
Barack Obama—1,761,761 (45.4%)
Other—45,056 (1.2%)

Georgia 2008 (from the New York Times)
John McCain—2,048,244 (52.2%)
Barack Obama—1,843,452 (47%)
Other—28,805 (.7%)

Cobb County 2012
Mitt Romney—171,464 (55.49%)
Barack Obama—132,526 (42.89%)
Gary Johnson—4,999 (1.62%)

Registered voters—415,314
Ballots cast—310,356
Voter turnout—74.73%

Cobb County 2008
John McCain—170,957 (54.2%)
Barack Obama—141,216 (44.8%)
Other—2,966 (.9%)

2012 Metro Atlanta Counties for Romney (no change from 2008 for McCain)

2012 Metro Atlanta Counties for Obama (no change from 2008)

2012 Electoral College (Florida remained undecided Wednesday)
Barack Obama—303
Mitt Romney—206

2008 Electoral College
Barack Obama—365
John McCain—173

2012 Popular Vote
Barack Obama—60,652,149 (50.4%)
Mitt Romney—57,810,390 (48.0%)

2008 Popular Vote
Barack Obama—66,862,039 (53.4%)
Mitt Romney—58,319,442 (46.6%)

Precinct-by-precinct totals for Cobb are available online.

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Are you pleased with the outcome of the elections? Tell us in the comments.


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