Should Cobb Adopt Outdoor Smoking Ban?

The City of Atlanta has approved an outdoor ban on smoking. What do you think? Is this the right thing to do or an infringement on personal liberties?

Atlanta is one step closer to having smoke-free parks and recreational areas. First, , and on Monday night, The Atlanta City Council passed 11-1 a wide-ranging in Atlanta parks and other recreation areas.

If passed by Mayor Kasim Reed, the ban will have an impact on Atlanta's parks, playgrounds, athletic fields, aquatic areas, tennis courts, golf courses and walking trails.

In February, Cobb considered , which was proposed by South Cobb Commissioner Woody Thompson.

He said he got the idea after visiting the

Thompson did express concern about how the smoking ban, once in place, could be effectively enforced.

Cobb County Parks Director Eddie Canon conducted a survey of about 60 groups who use the county's parks and recreational facilities to gauge support for the smoking ban.

Thompson said the majority of responses were supportive, however, there were some individuals who felt the ban would infringe on their rights.

"The people who are adamant are the people who have the addiction, I guess," Thompson said.

One Cobb citizen said the ban targets the rights of a specific population.

"The move to ban smoking in Cobb County parks is a move toward reducing the rights of a segment of our population," wrote Pete Borden, an East Cobb masonry contractor, in the Marietta Daily Journal.

What do you think about the move toward a total ban on smoking, both indoors as well as outside? Tell us below in the comments.

Ceci July 19, 2012 at 10:19 PM
Absolutely NOT. I think it's necessary more people or smokers realize how bad smoking it is for your health and others around you, BUT, it's still a personal choice, and I consider it one of those personal choices that have don't have as much impact on others/society, say compare to those people who are advocating for something completely wrong or destructive to our people and society, whether it's an ill belief or moral corruption (and there are many who do that...). So why don't you lawmakers or whatever office holders focus on tackling something that's so much worse than smoking? Some freedom should never be allowed if it sacrifices others' rights or just completely wrong, but smoking is not one of those.
Bob July 19, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Yes for places like Atlantic Station, I get it. If there's a logical reason behind banning smoking in a public space, why not? When it's a crowded space with A LOT of people come and go, and easily can be hazardous, fine, I have no problem with it. Complete smoking ban? No and never, there's no good reason for doing that, you're absolutely violating people's rights by banning smoking everywhere, I mean come on, you don't ban people from doing other worse things, why smoking???! However, I also have a problem with people saying that smoking shouldn't be banned anywhere at all. Have a little common sense, if you smoke, it doesn't mean you own the whole world to yourself. There are always a million more people who want to live longer and not be killed by the smoke coming out of your mouth. So yes to some bans, and no to others.
Jan Britt July 20, 2012 at 01:20 AM
No. I agree with Jeremy and Anne's comments. I am not a smoker. I hate the smell of a cigarette. How do they think they are going to enforce a smoking ban? Cigarettes are still legal. We as a society need to put our tax dollars onto something that really matters.
crystal hernandez July 20, 2012 at 02:15 PM
I am a smoker. And a considerate smoker at that. It should be common since to respect others that made the choice not to kill themselves with cigarettes. I don't think there should be a ban. But for all smokers to respect non smokers.
Gabriel Macy November 26, 2012 at 09:45 AM
It is good to regulate smoking especially in public places like the parks. However, we should also note that smoking is an addiction, and cannot be immediately removed from the habits of people especially to those who are addicted to it. Hence, it would be good to have designated places for them to smoke, away from the crowd. Consider it to be a green move. There should be codes or marks to indicate that such areas. There should be promotional campaign to encourage people to do so. - http://www.e-cig-bargains.com


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