U.S. Sen. John Isakson Speaks to Leaders

The event drew more than 100 businessmen and politicians to the Dunwoody Terraces South building Monday evening for A Dunwoody Chamber event.


U.S. Senator Johnny Isakson (R-Georgia) spoke to more than 100 hundred business and political leaders from Dunwoody and Sandy Springs, Monday, at the office complex Dunwoody Terraces South.

The Senator preached an austerity budget moving forward that focused on cutting spending and rejiggering "entitlement programs," such as Social Security.

Isakson was the lead speaker for a gala of the Dunwoody Chamber of Commerce, which installed new officers Monday for the coming year. The names were not immmediately available Monday.

Isakson talked largely about ways to get federal spending in line: programs like food stamps and Medicaid need to be reined in - he said - and programs like the above-mentioned Social Security needs to be tweaked so that people can draw on it later in life due to longer life expectancies.

He called Social Security in the way it's currently run as a "relic of (an earlier) century" in that it takes nearly 3 workers to sustain a beneficiary.




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