North Cobb Loses to Lassiter

The Warriors could not keep up with the Trojan offense.

The fell to the Lassiter Trojans Friday night, 56-35, despite their efforts to rally in the fourth quarter.

The Warriors put on a great show in the first quarter, starting with Jalen Williams' 78-yard run for a touchdown. After missing the extra point, the Warriors then recovered their own onside kick on the 28-yard line. 

Freshman quarterback Tyler Queen quickly connected with Demetrius Hill to score, followed by a two-point conversion pass to J'Vonte Herrod.  The first quarter ended with the score tied up at 14.

Despite a barrage of offsides penalties, North Cobb initially maintained their stride, scoring again on a 10-yard pass to Jalen Williams and later securing a first down off of a fake punt. 

Lassiter's offense, however, would not be deterred and the Trojans scored twice in the second quarter, including a lateral shuffle pass to Trojan running back Donavan Crepsac that Crepsac would pass into the end zone. The score at the half was 28-21 with the Trojans in the lead.
Coming out of the locker room into the second half, North Cobb seemed to have lost their mojo. The Trojans rolled through the third quarter, scoring three times and intercepting the ball after nearly sacking Tyler Queen. 

The fourth quarter was kinder to the Warriors, but the dejected squad could not seem to pull out of their funk. Tyler Queen would get into trouble several more times, which led to two additional interceptions.  One of those interceptions led to an Trojan touchdown. 

Jalen Williams scored a third touchdown on the evening with 11:41 remaining in the game. The Warrior's final touchdown came with just 2:47 remaining by running back C.J. Brye.


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