Don Plummer
reporterdon@gmail.com Phone 770-695-6260 Hometown Tucker, GA Birthday March 2 Bio After nearly 30 years in journalism I've come home. I started my journey at Georgia State University as a journalism student and an editor of the student newspaper, The Signal. This after a stint in the U.S. Navy as a Hospital Corpsman during the Vietnam War where my original plans to become a psychologist had been extinguished in the psychiatric ward at Bethesda Naval Hospital. The GI Bill led me back to school where I was soon smitten by journalism. Where else would I have the ability to observe the most important events of my time and then be authorized to tell everyone what I learned? Over the decades I wrote medical, political, crime and business articles, beginning at the Marietta Daily Journal where many of my later colleagues at the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and CNN also began their reporting careers. I was one of the early adherents of web-based journalism, writing breaking news for AJC.com. Since then I've taken to the so-called new media such as twitter, facebook, LinkedIn and other social media sites. For four years my path led me to providing information to the public at the Superior Court of Fulton County until budget cuts eliminated my position as public information officer. While there I’m proud of having increased access to the court by creating social media sites where court users can more easily access information. Now that I'm back home, figuratively and literally, I write and edit for a number of online news sites, including this opportunity to fill in for Patch editors. Away from work I'm usually sitting in a bleacher watching my 10-year-old grandson Robert Asa prepare for what will undoubtedly be a career in major league baseball, or in an audience where my 11, going on 30-year-old, granddaughter Lauren Nicolle dances, plays piano or sings like an angel. Beliefs I've spent all my adult life trying to uncover truths. Truths people were trying to hide, but also those they failed to promote out of a sense of modesty. I've come to believe over the years that the latter can be the most important stories because the heroic things people do, but fail to tell others about, can have profound impact by encouraging and inspiring the rest of us. I also strongly support our First Amendment rights to know and influence the actions taken on our behalf by government and to freely exercise our religious beliefs. I am equally strong in my support of the remaining amendments that refine our nation's Constitution. As for politics, I spent years telling myself and others that I had none. Now I think I do, but not politics dictated by party. My politics are those that are defined by supporting those individuals whom I believe are truly seeking the best solution to our common needs. The reason I like and am excited to cotribute to Patch is that it provides a gathering place where each of us can participate in our community’s life, by sharing our experience and beliefs. It is a place where all views are welcome and is designed to make it easy to have your say.
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